Journeyman - Welding

All members of Local Union 441 and UA members traveling in our jurisdiction who would like to take part in this testing need to contact the PPATKS office ONE WEEK BEFORE the testing date to ensure booth space.  The office staff has to have time to do the paperwork to get ready.

If you want to take a test that is on something other than 2” sch. 80, 2’ xxs or the super coupon, please contact the office at least 10 days before the test to ensure availability of material.

When contacting the office to schedule for a weld test, please have ready a contact number and the UA weld test number that you would like to take. View test list.

Please understand that space is limited and if the numbers are high enough we may not be able to accommodate everyone on that particular date. Acceptance for the testing will be on a first call basis.

Likewise, if there are less than 4, the test maybe canceled. Please know this is NOT a practice session, make sure you are ready for the test on your testing date.

If you currently hold a welding certificate and need to up date your continuity, please download the Welder Continuity Report:

Download PDF >>

Please send your completed form to Jessica Luna via Email, Mail or Fax.


4646 W. Kellogg Dr

Wichita, KS 67209

Fax: 316-267-1340


There have been some recent issues with welders’ continuity updates and corrupting the UA’s welder certification database.  To help alleviate the situation there has been a necessary change to the Continuity Submittal web page on   If the continuity date for a welder record is older than 120 days based on the current calendar date the system will not allow the continuity update.

Examples are:

Current Calendar Date:  11/30/2018

Continuity Date:  06/11/2018                      172 Days, Update NOT ALLOWED

Continuity Date:  07/11/2018                      142 Days, Update NOT ALLOWED

Continuity Date:  08/03/2018                      119 Days, Update IS ALLOWED

Continuity Date:  10/15/2018                        46 Days, Update IS ALLOWED


All other rules as it relates to welder continuity submissions remain; i.e., even if the 120-day rule is met, the continuity date must be before the most recent expiration date for the given record (process type).