Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find a list of common questions.  If you don’t find an answer to your question, please contact us!

When are applications taken?

Can someone with a felony conviction apply?
Yes. However, their situation may affect employment.

What is the minimum age to apply?
Must be 18 or already have their High School Diploma

If the person is a high school student getting ready to graduate, can they apply?
Unfortunately, with our upaded application process (as of 3/2023) you must provide proof of High School Diploma or Home School Diploma.

Can they take the application with them and bring it back later?
Yes, offer the application to be completed through our website or you can contact our office and we can email it out.

What types of driver’s license is required?
A regular class C driver’s license is required. If someone has a restricted license, they will need to bring the letter that shows it is restricted and in addition have a valid photo state i.d. No copied licenses will be considered.

What if someone brings a college transcript, but not a high school transcript?
Our regulations require a copy of the applicants High School Diploma, no transcripts needed even if the applicant can provide college documentation.

What if they do not have a birth certificate?
With our new updated application policy a copy of a birth certificate is required.

When will interviews be held?
Interviews will be held on an as needed bases.The applicant will get a certified letter from us stating the date and time for the interview.

How much does the Apprenticeship Program cost the applicant?
The only cost to the students is their enrollment fees approximately $600.00/yr, 

What are the costs associated with joining the Union?
There is an initiation fee of $200.00 (due by the end of your apprenticeship). There is a upfront fee of $40.00 (this is applied to the $200.00) when signing Union paperwork. Also there is a death assessment option of $10.00 to join with individual death assessments at $3.00. Monthly Union fees are $22.00 with a working assessment of 3% gross wages.

When does school start?
School will be starting at the end of August.

Where and when is school held?
School classes are held Monday through Thursday 7am-6pm on a rotation schedule at 4646 W. Kellogg Dr. Wichita, KS 67209.

When does work start?
Starting work depends on our signatory contractor’s needs. This time will vary through out the year

How many apprentices are we taking this year?
We do not make that decision. The Local Union Business Manager and contractors decide this.

What is the Work Keys Test?
This test is no longer required. However, we will have a proctored Math asssement test that wil be required and scheduled to be taken at one of our traning facilities. You can always contact your nearest WorkForce center to see if they can provide you with a practice math test.